New theory of gravity?

An epiphanic moment of realisation this pm. driving home from Peterhead.

Gravity is a relativistic effect.

It is due to inter-dimensional rotation into a 5th dimension.

(I am still unsure whether this should be, or could be, described as a ‘pseudo’-dimension).

The well known effects of Length Contraction and Time Dilation are due to such inter-dimensional rotations as observed in bodies travelling at near light speeds.

Rotated into another dimension time and space become foreshortened causing the said effects.

Acceleration may be equated to gravity … or to centrifugal force; which may be considered a pseudo gravity.

Then we have the body on the edge of Einstein’s rotating flat disc, experiencing both the pseudo gravity of centrifugal force AND the inter-dimensional rotation due to its tangential velocity (that which causes the time dilation and length contraction of the body).

It is but a small step there-from to say that another such body – on its own flat rotating disc would experience a similar effect and if those two forces were acting toward one another we have gravitational effects upon the two bodies in proportion to their inertial masses (remember – inertial mass = gravitational mass) and, being considered as motion on flat discs, inversely proportional to their displacement one from the other.

Or Newtons theory of Gravity.

As I say this only came to me this afternoon and the details need some more work but it seems to fit well with the rest of relativity, General relativity in this case, as the said foreshortening due to the inter-dimensional rotation fits with Einstein’s space curvature explanation of gravity.

Of such things dreams are made …


About TyroJack

For me the World is a logical place, in a Universe that works according to strict, straightforward and uncomplicated Laws. Physical Laws. Many of which we are aware of some of which we understand, some that we have working theories about, some we hypothesise about and some that are as yet pure guesswork. I believe in William of Ockham's principle, known as Occam's Razor: 'The fewer assumptions one makes, the more likely one is to be correct.' I like to apply this in life as well as science. I worked in various roles in IT for most of my working life which could be summed up as programming consultancy. Primarily I fixed problems from the most basic coding, to System design. I programmed systems that were bug-free. I am interested in everything and anything, but most of all in how things work.
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