Special Relativity solved/completed

I always said that problem solving was my ‘Special’ skill! And today I did it. Special Relativity has been solved!

Einstein’s theory has 3 holes due to his unwillingness or inability to wholeheartedly accept the consequences of his own theory:

  1. The Relativity of Simultaneity only comes about through sticking to Galileian thinking. It should be the Simultaneity of Relativity!
  2. Too limited in scope: Relativity affects all four dimensions equally.
  3. He described Length Contraction and Time dilation accurately but never took the next step of realising that they were two sides of the same thing, that they complemented each other creating a new concept: that time and space do not expand nor contract but only change how they are observed.

And those holes can now be plugged.


About TyroJack

For me the World is a logical place, in a Universe that works according to strict, straightforward and uncomplicated Laws. Physical Laws. Many of which we are aware of some of which we understand, some that we have working theories about, some we hypothesise about and some that are as yet pure guesswork. I believe in William of Ockham's principle, known as Occam's Razor: 'The fewer assumptions one makes, the more likely one is to be correct.' I like to apply this in life as well as science. I worked in various roles in IT for most of my working life which could be summed up as programming consultancy. Primarily I fixed problems from the most basic coding, to System design. I programmed systems that were bug-free. I am interested in everything and anything, but most of all in how things work.
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