Maps and Rules

The world that we are born into is a strange place and is different for every one of us.

As we grow and learn about our world and the way it works we create two things to help us.

The first is a World Map of how everything fits together; and the second is the Laws of Our Universe, the way things work for us.

At the centre of our World Map is Home, where we exist; and around that are our family and friends and so on, out into the wider world.

Our Map is fixed but the LOU may change as we move outwards, being different with family, with friends, depending on where we are.

If we have the right love, care and support we make sense of it all. Home becomes a fortress, a Castle, a Refuge, built out of our knowledge and belief, in the world as we know it.

Everyone’s world, though, is unique. For some, their world is a frightening confusing place where their Map isn’t stable, where their Home is fragile and the Laws of their Universe are fluid and continuously changing.

Abuse and lack of understanding, can make it difficult to build anything permanent. When Home is repeatedly torn down and destroyed; their Map redrawn and their LOU constantly changing.

Autism Spectrum Disorders brings another challenge, to learn and understand that outside Home the wider world runs according to the Laws of a different Universe. With the right love, support and understanding though, a strong Home may still be built and those Laws of the Other Universe understood. But without that support things may be very different. Those Laws are conflicting and confusing, and if we cannot marry the two we can find it very difficult, even impossible to deal with it.

This can result in those with ASD building a strong isolated tower and retreating into it, or they may feel little security where their Home is continuously under threat from the wider world.


But no Home is indestructible, a sufficient Trauma may sweep it all away or else leave it in ruins and tear up the subject’s LOU, leaving them in a strange world where things can no longer be relied upon.

Post Traumatic Stress is the result. Leaving one to try to rebuild from the ruins.

With support and assistance given immediately much can be rebuilt, but if that is not available the ruins can become set. Then over time a new Home is built upon the ruins of the old. But, though some parts may still remain it is very different to what went before and flimsy, having little of the original strength.

This leaves it susceptible to damage by any further Trauma, even everyday stresses may cause more damage or even topple it once more.

For those whose Home was weak from abuse or lack of understanding and acceptance, everyday stresses can be difficult to bear and they need much love, support and, above all acceptance, from those around.


About TyroJack

For me the World is a logical place, in a Universe that works according to strict, straightforward and uncomplicated Laws. Physical Laws. Many of which we are aware of some of which we understand, some that we have working theories about, some we hypothesise about and some that are as yet pure guesswork. I believe in William of Ockham's principle, known as Occam's Razor: 'The fewer assumptions one makes, the more likely one is to be correct.' I like to apply this in life as well as science. I worked in various roles in IT for most of my working life which could be summed up as programming consultancy. Primarily I fixed problems from the most basic coding, to System design. I programmed systems that were bug-free. I am interested in everything and anything, but most of all in how things work.
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